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Research Resources

Web Resources

  • Research Guide: Latin American Caribbean, Latinos Across the Borders, Spanish and  Portuguese Studies. Rutgers UniversityAlexander Library.
    Guide Contents:
    • Databases
    • CD-ROMs
      • Latin America, Luso-Brasilian and Spanish Scope
      • CD-ROM's with international scope
    • Finding Aids:
      • Reference Materials: Guide 1
      •  Latinos in the U.S.A.: Guide 2
    • Films and Videos:
      • Addendum: Spain/Portugal Films and Videos
    • Internet Resources: Selected List
    • Other Sites of Interest

     Associations and Organizations in the WWW



    • HLAS Online. Library of Congress Handbook of Latin American Studies.

    Indexes in the WWW

    • Latin American Network Information Center at the University of Texas-Austin:UT-Lanic.Updated information on each and every Latin American country: research resources in the Internet; information on Humanities, Art, Economy, Government; electronic publications and networks, and much more.
    • Maps of Latin America, at UT-LANIC.
    • Regional Information (countries, geography, etc.)
    • University of Minnesota HumanRights Library



    • Prof. Camacho's Webpage: links related to Linguistics.
    • Foreign Languages for Travellers. Vocabularies and Information about other resources and foreign countries.
    • MLA Style. Official guidelines on MLA documentation style, from the Modern Language Association.
    • Instituto San Fernando, in Seville,Spain.
    • Learn Spanish.  A Website for Students and Teachers.  The main features of this website are the free online TUTORIAL to help you learn Spanish, and the FREE SERVICE that allows teachers to monitor their students' progress. You will also find many CULTURAL NOTES to introduce you to some of the characteristics of Hispanic life.
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    Latin American Studies Programs

    Literary and Cultural Theory

    Literature and Culture

    Newspapers and News

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    • Mundo Latino
    • Spain Uncovered. Index that includes: mapa de Espana, organismos y documentos oficiales, universidades espanolas, medios de comunicacion, y otros indices de servicios Internet.

    Research and Job Opportunities for Graduate andUndergraduate Students

    • New Jersey Hire. On-line service for teacher applicants, colleges and school districts, funded by the departmentof education at no cost to prospective applicants or recruiters. Applicants get instant integrated access to up-to-minute notification on ed events, jobs, and other topics.
    • You can subscribe to a service that will keep you posted about incoming Conferences through e-mail. The list of conferences, by category, is located at Call for Papers.
    • ENLACE. Electronic Network for Latin American Careers and Employment. Welcome to ENLACE, the premiere job bank dedicated exclusively to Latin Americanists. Candidates can searchfor positions in Latin America or with Latin American-related organizationson our ever-expanding job board. Employers can search for candidates byreviewing our constantly updated database of applicants' resumes.
    • Latin American Cultures Program of the University of Pennsylvania.
    • Teach for America. Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding college graduates from all academic majors and cultural backgrounds. Currently, Teach For Americaserves 13 diverse communities of color everywhere from South Central Los Angeles to the Rio Grande Valley to the South Bronx.
    • Undergraduate Research Opportunities at RU-New Brunswick
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    Universities, Programs, and Research Centers

    Web Pages (Indexes) for Countries

    • Brazil.:
    • Peru. Perú Home Page, a good place to start.
    • Portugal.
    • Spain.
      • Si, Spain, by the Spanish Foreign Ministry.
      • Spain Uncovered.Index that includes: mapa de Espana, organismos y documentos oficiales, universidades espanolas, medios de comunicacion, y otros indices de servicios Internet.
      • Todo sobre Espanha.Indice con informacion sobre historia, ciudades y cultura. Incluye version en ingles.
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