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Associate Professor/Department Chair

Degree: PhD. Johns Hopkins University

Office: AB-5181

Phone: 848.932.6976

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: Prof. Schwartz's Web Page

Marcy Schwartz specializes in 20th century Latin American literature and culture, with particular emphasis on urban studies, exile, and photography.  Her current research concerns contemporary public reading programs in Latin American cities that rely on public space and urban infrastructure, the topic of her forthcoming book.



  • Public Pages: Reading along the Latin American Streetscape. Austin: University of Texas Press, forthcoming.
  • Co-edited wtih Daniel Balderston. Voces en off: Traduccio'n y literatura latinoamericana. Bogota':Universidad de los Andes, forthcoming.
  • Invenciones urbanas: Ficción y ciudad latinoamericanas. Buenos Aires: Corregidor, 2010.
  • Writing Paris: Urban Topographies of Desire in Contemporary Latin American Fiction. Albany: SUNY Press, 1999.
  • Co-edited Daniel Balderston, Voice-Overs: Translation and Latin American Literature. Albany: SUNY Press, 2002.
  • Co-edited with Mary Beth Tierney-Tello, Photography and Writing in Latin America: Double Exposures.  University of New Mexico Press, 2006.



  • “Reading on Wheels: Stories of Convivencia in the Latin American City,” Latin American Research Review 50.3 (2016), (forthcoming)
  • “Beyond the Book: New Forms of Women’s Writing,” Cambridge History of Latin American Women Writers, eds. Monica Szurmuk and Ileana Rodríguez, Cambridge UP, 2016, 527-542.
  • “La literatura en el espacio público: un diálogo con Carlos Labbé.” Confluencia 30.2 (2015): 168-178.
  • “Instructions for How to Teach the Boom in Julio Cortázar’s Rayuela,” Teaching the Latin American Boom, eds. Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola and Lucille Kerr, New York: MLA, 2015, 83-95.
  • “Spaces for Reading: A Cartography of Used Books in Urban Latin America,” Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 1.3 (2014): 417-42.
  • “Espacios de lectura, cartografía de libros usados,” Geografías imaginarias:Espacios de resistencia y crisis en América Latina, ed. Marta Sierra, Santiago: Cuarto Propio, 2014, 441-52.
  • “A Transnarratological Saga: Genette on Borges and Publishing Dystopia,” Variaciones Borges 36 (2013): 65-76.
  • “Public Stakes, Public Stories: Service Learning in Literary Studies,” PMLA special issue “Work,” 127.4 (2012): 987-93.
  • “The Right to Imagine: Reading in Community with People and Stories/Gente y Cuentos,” PMLA 126.3 (2011): 746-52.
  • "Perilous Peripheries: Translation and Identity in Jorge Luis Borges." Variaciones Borges 23 (2007): 21-36.
  • "The Writing on the Wall: Urban Cultural Studies and the Power of Aesthetics." In City/Art: The Urban Scene in Latin America. Ed. Rebecca Biron. Durham: Duke University Press, 127-44.
  • "Short Circuits: Gendered Itineraries in Recent Urban Fiction Anthologies from Latin America."  Chapter 1 in Unfolding the City: Women Write the City in Latin America.  Eds. Anne Lambright and Elisabeth Guerrero.  University of Minnesota Press, 2007: 3-26.
  • "Clues toward an Introduction, or How We Are All Ethnographers."  Introduction to invited thematic cluster on "Cluelessness and Difference in the Literature Classroom." Ed. Marcy Schwartz. Pedagogy 7.2 (2006): 171-81.
  • "Writing against the City: Julio Cortázar's Photographic Take of India."  In Photography and Writing in Latin America: Double Exposures. Co-edited with Mary Beth Tierney-Tello.  Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2006: 117-139.
  • "Introduction." In Photography and Writing in Latin America: Double Exposures.  Co-edited with Mary Beth Tierney-Tello.  Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2006: 177-139.
  • "Paris under Her Skin: Luisa Futoransky's Urban Inscriptions of Exile." In Luisa Futoransky y su palabra itinerante.  Ed. Ester Gimbernat González. Montevideo: Hermes Criollo, 2005: 171-201.
  • "'Los intelectuales que no nos ubicamos nunca:' Entrevista inedita con Daniel Moyano." Revista Iberoamericana. 69.204 (2003): 717-726.
  • "Del extrañamiento al exilio: el "no-lugar" urbano en la ficción hispanoamericana de fin de siglo XX." In Mas allá de la ciudad letrada: crónicas y espacios urbanos. Eds. Silvia Spitta and Boris Muñoz.  Pittsburgh: Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, 2003: 333-351.
  • "Between Crónica and Cuento: Alfredo Bryce Echenique's Storied Journal in Diario triste de París." In Los mundos de Alfredo Bryce Enchenique: nuevos textos críticos. Eds. César Ferreira and Ismael P. Márquez.  Lima: Fondo Editorial de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 2003: 97-104.
  • "Introduction." In Voice-Overs: Translation and Latin American Literature.  Co-authored with Daniel Balderston.  Albany: SUNY Press, 2002: 1-12.
  • "Cortázar Under Exposure: Photography and Fiction in the City." In Beyond the Lettered City: Latin american Literature and Mass Media. Eds. Debra Castillo and José Edmundo Paz-Soldán.  Garland Press,
    2000: 177-138.
  • "París no siempre era una fiesta...: La política transnacional de la cultura en La danza inmóvil de Manuel Scorza." Revista Iberoamericana 63.180 (1997): 437-448.



  • Latin American Literary Review
  • Textos Híbridos
  • Telar
  • Journal of Urban Cultural Studies
  • Silliman Journal



  • National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship, 2015-2016
  • American Council of Learned Societies fellowship, 2014-2015
  • Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers, Faculty Fellow 2011-2012
  • Center for Latin American Studies research grants, Rutgers, 2010, 2011
  • Research Council Grant, Rutgers, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2005
  • Departmental Curriculum Development grant, 1999, 2000
  • Citizenship and Service Education, Rutgers, curriculum development grant, 1996
  • Douglass College Fellows Opportunity Fund Grant, 1995, 1996-97, 1998
  • Center for Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture, Rutgers, Faculty Fellow 1993-94
  • Citizenship and Service Education, Rutgers, research grant, 1993-94
  • Teaching Excellence Center, Rutgers, 1993-94
  • Tinker Summer Research Travel Grant, 1989
  • Phi Sigma Iota National Scholarship, 1981
  • Summa cum laude graduate, 1981
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Phi Sigma Iota
  • Eta Pi Upsilon

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