When declaring the Spanish major, students are required to choose one of the two concentrations:

  • Spanish 
  • Spanish Intensive

All credits are required unless students:

  • Successfully completed an advanced placement test and are granted credit by the department. Note: You will not receive any credit towards the major for any course taken below your placement.
  • Received special permission for an exception from a departmental advisor. Students are responsible for consulting the catalog course listing for a description of pre-requisites and special conditions prior to registration of classes. Major programs must be reviewed and approved by a departmental advisor.
  • Capstone oral proficiency credits are required of all majors, please click here for detailed information. 


(Effective Fall 2011)

The Spanish Major consists of a minimum of 38 credits at the 200-400 level completed with a grade of C or better in each course.

  • At the 200 level (Prerequisite 202 or 204)
    • 940:215- Introduction to Hispanic Literature
    • 940:261- Introduction to the Study of Language
  • At the 300 level
    • 940:325- Advanced Grammar & Composition
    • Three (3) credits in Literature (Prerequisite: 01:940:215 or 217 or permission of department)
    • Three (3) credits in Linguistics (Prerequisite: 01:940:261 or equivalent)
    • One (1) credit in Oral Proficiency
  • At the 400 level (Prerequisite: One term of 300-level literature in Spanish or permission of department)
    • Two (2) three-credit courses 
    • One (1) credit in Oral Proficiency (940:499)
  • To complete the 38-credit minimum, students are required to take electives at the 200-400 level

Please note:

  • No more than 15 credits may be taken at the 200 level.
  • Only juniors and seniors may register for 940:388 or 389 and 940:499.
  • Students may count up to six elective credits in Portuguese (810) at the 200-400 level toward the Spanish major.
  • In some cases, up to six credits of courses taught in another discipline may count for the Spanish major if the courses are pre-approved and corroborated by the Undergraduate Director.
  • Students are responsible for consulting the catalog course listing for a description of pre-requisites and special conditions prior to registration of classes.  All major programs must be reviewed and approved by the departmental advisor.

Click Spanish Major for a worksheet to track your progress.


Spanish Intensive Track

The Spanish Intensive Track allows students to study both Spanish linguistics and Hispanic literature and culture in depth.  It is primarily intended for those who aim to pursue graduate studies in Spanish or Education.  Note:  With this major, a minor is not required.

The Spanish Intensive Track consists of 52 credits of grade C or higher.

  • Spanish Lab Oral Proficiency I (940:389) or for Native Speakers (940:388) is required.
  • Oral Proficiency Interview (940:499) and Advanced Grammar & Composition (940:325) are both required.

Of the remaining 47 credits:

  • A least three credits are required from 940:331 (3) and 940:332 (3)
  • At least three credits are required from 940:333 (3) and 940:334 (3)
  • At least three credits are required from 940:335 (3) and 940:336 (3)
  • At least six credits are required from 940:362 (3), 940:363 (3), and 940:364 (3)
  • At least three credits must be completed in a 400-level Literature and Culture course
  • At least three credits must be completed in a 400-level Spanish linguistics course
  • At least three further credits at the 400-level must be completed (i.e. a total of nine credits is required at the 400-level).

Of the remaining 23 credits:

  • Up to twelve 200-level credits may count for students who have not initially placed at a higher level;
  • Up to nine credits may count from 810:135 (4), and any Portuguese (810) class at the 200-level or higher;
  • Up to six credits may count from courses taught in a language other than Spanish or Portuguese if all written work is done in Spanish, the topic of the course is relevant to the Spanish major and if the course is pre-approved in writing by a departmental advisor.
  • The remaining credits toward a total of 52 must be completed in Spanish (940) courses at the 300-level or higher.

Click Spanish Intensive Major for a worksheet to track your progress.


The OPI is an oral exam designed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). All Spanish majors must take two capstone oral proficiency credits. These credits are intended to encourage students to improve oral proficiency throughout the major.

For OPI requirements and FAQs, please click here.

MAJOR CREDIT IS GIVEN for Puerto Rican Literature (836:266), but not in combination with 940:331 and 332.

TRANSFER MAJORS are expected to take a minimum of twelve credits towards their major requirements.

NATIVE SPEAKERS may not take conversation courses, elementary or intermediate Spanish. (Unless given Departmental permission to begin course work at the 300-level, native speakers should take the sequence of courses designated for native speakers (139, 201). If no placement exam has been taken, please see a departmental advisor for appropriate course placement.


A minor in Spanish consists of a minimum of 18 credits of courses given in Spanish (940) completed with a grade of C or better in each course. The first course to count towards the minor is SPA 132 (SPA 139 for heritage speakers). Of the 18 credits, 9 credits must be at the 300 level or above. Please refer to the description of our courses for a list of pre-requisites. No more than 3 credits may be taken in courses not taught in the Spanish language.  Note: You will not receive credit towards the minor for any course taken below your placement.

Click Spanish Minor for a worksheet to track your progress.


A 3.5 or better grade-point average for the entire 19-21 credit sequence is required, with a minimum of B in all courses (except 01:940:401 and 402, which require B+ or better). 

For more information on the Certificate in Translation, please click here

A 3.5 or better grade-point average for the entire 19-21 credit sequence is required, with a minimum of B in all courses (except 01:940:401 and 402, which require B+ or better).

For more information on the Certificate in Translation and Interpreting, click here.

This certificate is offered to students who complete the following requirements:

  • Thirty-six credits of the Spanish major
  • Eight courses, with a grade of C or above in each course, to be chosen from among one of the following interdisciplinary options: Hispanic World, Luso-Brazilian World, Latin America, Iberian Peninsula
  • An exit seminar involving a research project (15-20 pages) on a topic of international or global scope
  • An international experience of one year during the Junior year in an appropriate country or countries approved by a departmental advisor. A one-semester option, or summer option, would be considered under extraordinary circumstances.

Please visit the Global Studies Certificate webpage for more information.

Teacher certification is available to students accepted into the education program. For additional requirements and further information, please click here.



Departmental Honors Program
To be eligible for graduation with departmental honors, majors must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 or better in their major courses, and 3.25 overall. Students are admitted to the departmental honors program by selection of the honors committee. More information...

  • The honors project is two terms in duration (3 credits in each term), and may focus on either the language/linguistics or the literature/civilization of the Spanish/Portuguese/Catalan-speaking world.
  • Prior to beginning an honors project in the language/linguistics option, the student must take 01:940:325 and three terms of Spanish linguistics courses.
  • One additional language/linguistics course and one additional 400-level course (other than independent study) is required prior to graduation.
  • Prior to beginning an honors project in the literature/civilization option, the student must take two literature courses at the 300-level and one 400-level literature course in Spanish other than independent study.
  • Two additional 400-level literature/civilization courses are required prior to graduation. The student must present the honors project for an oral defense before a committee assembled by the project director, in consultation with the candidate.


Sigma Delta Pi
National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society. For more information, please click here.


Spanish majors are encouraged to study abroad for a summer, a semester or a year. Opportunities are available through Rutgers Study Abroad for semester programs in Mexico and Spain, and through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese for summer programs in Spain and Perú.

For more details about Studying Abroad, please our Study Abroad page.


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