Certificate in Translation & Interpreting


To provide students the opportunity to gain competence in Spanish-English Translation and Interpreting. This program will train students in a skill which can be applied to future employment in connection with such major fields as Business, Health, Journalism and Legal Services.

The Spanish Translation Certificate Program is offered at the undergraduate level to Rutgers students,  as well as, to members of the community who are granted admission to Rutgers University and meet the entrance requirements to the certificate program. For entrance requirements for non-Rutgers students, please click here.

This certificate is offered to students who complete 19-21 credits in the applied courses and receive a 3.5 or better grade-point average for the entire sequence (with a minimum of B in all courses). Please note: courses 475, 477 and 487 are required to complete this certificate.

Students who are non-matriculated must apply for admission prior to taking courses. Please click here for more information about admission for non-matriculated students. 

For matriculated students, you must complete the required prerequisites prior to starting the certificate. Upon completion of the certificate you will need to submit the Certificate Verification form to Prof. Miguel Jimenez to confirm your certificate in the Translation and Interpreting program.  Please click here to download the verification form.

It is important to recognize that the Certificate in Spanish-English Translation & Interpreting does NOT certify a student as a translator nor an interpreter. The certificate provides a strong foundation in translation and interpreting which can enhance further specialization in those areas.


Click here to download the Certificate in Translation & Interpreting worksheet to track your progress.


2019 Spring Internship
Now accepting applications for the Spring 2019 Internship in Translation and Interpreting (course 01:940:471).
Online application will be available late Fall 2018.
Application deadline: November 15th




  • 355:101 - Expository Writing I
  • 940:325 - Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • 940:326 - Introduction to Translation Studies
  • OR  Special Permission by the department


Required Courses for the certificate
Once admitted to the program, students must take 401: Advanced Translation I (3 credits) during their first year of the certificate program.
In addition, students must also complete the following Translation and Interpreting courses:

  • 01:940:401 - Advanced Translation I (3 credits)
  • 01:940:402 - Advanced Translation II (3 credits)
  • 01:940:475 - Interpreting (3 credits)
  • 01:940:477 - Court Interpreting (3 credits)**
  • 01:940:487 - Hospital & Community Interpreting (3 credits)**


 Core Courses

  • 01:940:402 - Advanced Translation II (3 credits)
  • 01:940:471 - Internship in Translation/Interpreting (1-3 credits)*
    (NOTE: 402 or 475 must be taken prior to or with the required internship)
  • 01:940:475 - Interpreting (3 credits)
    (NOTE: With permission from the department, 402 may be taken as a co-requisite)
  • 01:940:478 - Theory & Practice of Translation (3 credits)**
    (NOTE: With permission from the department, 402 may be taken as a co-requisite)
  • 01:80:617:443 - CAT Tools (Computer Assisted Translation)


 Specialized Courses

  • 01:940:476- Legal Translation (1.5 credits)**
  • 01:940:479 - Translation Workshop (3 credits)**
    (NOTE:With permission from the department, 402 may be taken as a co-requisite)
  • 01:940:486 - Medical/Technical Translation (1.5 credits)**
    (NOTE: With permission from the department, 402 may be taken as a co-requisite)


Linguistics Courses
(Maximum of 6 credits or 2 courses)

  • 01:940:363 - Bilingualism in the Spanish-Speaking World (3 credits)
         OR 01:940:419 - Dialectology of the Spanish-Speaking World (3 credits)
  • 01:940:364 - Contrastive Analysis [Spanish/English] (3 credits)
  • OR other approved linguistics course


 *Flexible assignment based on individual student background. Course may be waived for practicing translator/interpreter.
** With prior approval may be counted in lieu of linguistics or advanced core courses. [Parallel graduate courses may be counted in lieu of undergradaute courses (i.e. 502 for 402).]