940:325 Advanced Grammar and Composition (3)

01:940:325 Advanced Grammar and Composition


Requirements for the course: successful completion of 940:201/202 (heritage speakers) or 940:203/204(non-heritage speakers)  or by placement.




This course has been designed for students who have a genuine interest to acquire a deeper knowledge of Spanish language grammar. In this course, we will pay attention to the mechanisms that govern the structure of sentences and to the pedagogic essentials that allow the student to develop linguistic competence in Spanish.


Learning goals:

 1) To acquire a basic knowledge of the structure of the Spanish language,

2) To get familiarized with the rules which govern the writing of the Spanish language,

3) To demonstrate the acquired knowledge in exams and tests and,

4) To develop skills for reading and analyzing texts written in Spanish.

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To this end, students will be graded in the following areas:

Class participation

Two in-class exams

Three in-class grammar tests


Weekly writing assignments



Required texts:  

De la Vega, Sara L., and Salazar, Carmen. Avanzando. (7th  edition). Wiley: 2012. Texto (ISBN 0-471-69974-8) and Cuaderno de actividades (ISBN –471-70012-6).