940:362 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology (3)

01:940:362 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology

Requirements for the course: successful completion of 940:261



The purpose of this course, Spanish Phonetics, is to first introduce the students to the sounds and articulation of the Spanish Language through its phonetics and phonology.  Second, it allows the students whose first language is English, to obtain a like-native pronunciation, reducing their foreign accent.  Last, this course, offers a first-hand introduction to the wide dialectal variation as far as phonetics is concerned, from American Spanish and the Spanish spoken and used in Spain (peninsular)


Learning goals:

    • To get familiarized with the phonetic/phonological phenomenon of the Spanish language.
    • Familiarized with the field of descriptive linguistics, particularly in the areas of phonology and phonetics.
    • Report and analyze some contrasts between American Spanish pronunciation, Spanish Peninsular (centro-norteño), Andalusian Spanish and English.
    • Learn techniques that help students, whose first language is English, to improve their Spanish pronunciation.
    • Transcribe phonetically, analyzing and commenting on the speech of a native speaker of any dialect of Spanish.

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Students will be graded in the following areas:

Class participation and attendance

In class quizzes

Two in-class exams

Oral presentations

Phonetic Transcription Project



Required texts:

Schwegler, Armin, Kempff, Juergen & Ameal-Guerra, Ana. Fonética y fonología españolas. Fourth edition. Nueva York: John Wiley & Sons, 2010.   ISBN 978-0-470-42192-5.