940:364 Contrastive Analysis in Spanish and English (3)

01:940:364 Contrastive Analysis: Spanish/English


Requirements for the course: successful completion of 940:261



This course Constrastive Analysis: Spanish/English,  is the study of basic notions of morpho-syntactic structures (internal structure of words and sentences). Emphasis on differences between Spanish and English.



Learning goals:  

    • To become familiar with morphological, syntactic aspects for the Spanish grammar.
    • To understand how Spanish and English differ grammatically.
    • To learn how to analyze grammatically different types of texts.
    • To understand and explain the intuitive knowledge of the language.
    • Use of tree diagrams to analyze syntactically sentences in Spanish.

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Students will be graded in the following areas:

Class participation and attendance

Two in-class exams

Writing assignments

Oral presentations

Final written paper



Required texts:

Wheatley, Kathleen. Sintaxis y morfología de la lengua española. New Jersey, EEUU. Pearson Prentice Hall. 2006. ISBN:9780131899193