940:491/597 - Hispanic Women's Voices

01:940:491 Hispanic Women’s Voices: Texts, Music and Related Art Forms

16: 940:597 Hispanic Women’s Voices – Texts, Art, and Literature for the K-12 Classroom

This course is offered online.


Requirement for the course: enrollment in the M.A.T. program for 597 students, and for 491 students successful completion of Spanish 331, or 332, or 333, or 334, or 335, or 336, or 342.


Synopsis: This course focuses on literary, visual, and musical works by Hispanic women from primarily the 20th and 21st centuries. We will examine, analyze, and discuss such texts as they relate to the world-at-large and the K-12 classroom. Journal articles and selections from critical texts will be paired with relevant readings to emphasize the literary and artistic devices employed by diverse women authors and artists; Peninsular, Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina women. Units studied will include the search for identity, portrayal of oneself, family ties, female voices of protest, and issues that women face as daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. In addition, the class will examine the struggles that women confront as immigrants and expatriates.


Learning Goals:

Students studying in this course will enhance their knowledge and skills of the following: critical analysis of verbal and visual texts, intercultural awareness, written communication, and. humanities research abilities and methodologies. These learning goals are outlined in our Departmental list at:


To this end, students will be graded in the following areas:

Class participation/online threaded discussion

One short interpretative paper

Two exams

Final project: 491 students will write a literary analysis paper of 10 pages + bibliography, while 597 students will submit 5 lessons plans based on course materials, for inclusion in their teaching portfolios.


Required texts: all materials for this course will be available online from the eCollege course site.