940:360 Spanish for Commerce (3)

01:940:360 Spanish for Commerce




This course, fully conducted in Spanish, is open to students of diverse majors, backgrounds and interests. It is intended to introduce concepts and practices of business, finance, economics, international relations and customs in the Spanish Speaking World (a growing market of more than 360 million potential customers). Much emphasis is placed on the geography, history and culture – factors that influence each country’s way of conducting business.


Learning Goals:

In accordance with our Department Learning Goals,, students in this course will improve their interpretive, interpersonal and presentational skills.  They will be exposed to a large quantity of information from a variety of sources that will be discussed in small groups and presented by the students themselves, in addition to the instructor. The vocabulary of business and finance will be introduced and used in context in addition to information on every Spanish Speaking Country or Group (as the one in the USA) that forms a significant market.



Method of Evaluation:

Active participation of each student is encouraged, expected and required, as it constitutes a significant part of the final grade. In addition, each student will be expected to do a presentation on a country and a financial/business theme of their choice during the semester (the above constitutes one third of the grade). The second third of the grade will be based on an exam, a live interview and preparation of job search papers. For the final third of the grade, students will present a culminating project. In groups of three or four, they will create an idea, product or service and coordinate a persuasive presentation to the rest of the class and the instructor.



Required Texts:

No official book is required. But many readings will be assigned from newspapers, journals, financial and business books and on-line sources. The first two chapters/videos of Carlos Fuentes’s El Espejo Enterrado will be required viewing and provided via Sakai Streaming Videos.