940:491 Civilization of Spanish America

01:940:491 Civilization of Spanish America: Pre-Colombian Civilizations of the Americas


Requirement for the course: successful completion of SPA 313 or above. No exceptions.



Through the exploration of a variety of Pre-Colombian civilizations of the Americas and their interaction with and impact on their environment and each other, students will be asked to investigate three main questions: How do cultural filters in cross-cultural encounters affect our ability to see and understand one another? How do continued anthropological and archaeological discoveries affect our understanding of indigenous America?  How does our knowledge of the past affect our awareness of the legacy of  indigenous Americans in contemporary society?

Learning goals:
Students enrolled in this course will enhance their proficiency in the following areas: communicative competence, general cultural knowledge, research ability, critical analysis and production of ideas, as outlined in our Departmental learning goals.

To this end, students will be graded in the following areas:

Class participation and homework

Two short research projects

One critical essay

One final project



Required texts:


    • Mann, Charles. 1491 Una nueva historia de las Américas antes de Colón (2013). Traducción de Miguel Martinez-Lage y Federico Corriente . Estados Unidos: Siete Cuentos. ISBN:978-1-60980-515-9
    • Additional sources of information will be posted online and may vary each time the course is taught.