Synopsis 589

589: Topics in Hispanic Linguistics

This course introduces students to comparisons of and contrasts between the Romance languages. It will present students with the origins of language families (Indo-European, Hamito-Semitic, Sino-Tibetan, Ural-Altaic, etc.) and of Italic and Latin, the parent varieties of Romance. The class will treat each Romance language individually and comparatively to explain the notion of its derivation from a diasystem interrelated at the linguistic, aesthetic, cultural, literary, and historical levels.

Learning Goals
Students in 589 will be expected to produce, as a final project, a portfolio unit of at least 5 lessons, which engages at least one of the topics treated in the class and can be used in preparation for their capstone portfolio. These materials, per force, will be curriculum-specific, grade-appropriate, and adapted to the K-12 classroom. They are expected to discuss said topics with the instructor prior to beginning the project.