940:389 Spanish Lab for Oral Proficiency I (1)


Requirements for the course: open only to juniors and seniors; not open to native/heritage speakers



This lab class is designed to help students develop their oral proficiency. Students will spend each class period discussing with classmates a wide variety of conversational topics, both concrete and abstract. We will also complete activities geared toward improving pronunciation and targeting specific grammatical structures. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their current proficiency, based on analysis of the features that characterize advanced-level speech according to ACTFL (, and self-evaluate their progress during the session.


Learning goals: 

Students enrolled in this course will expand their interpersonal communication skills in various discourse functions (including description, narration, argumentation, and hypothesis) in all time frames and with appropriate breadth of vocabulary and register, as outlined in our departmental learning goals:

To this end, students will be graded in the following areas:

In-class participation

Preparation activities

Personalized objectives


Oral recordings

There are no required texts for this course.