940:261 Introduction to the Study of Language



Spanish 202, 204 or departmental permission.


Course Overview
This course is an introduction to the study of Human language with particular emphasis on Spanish. The course satisfies the core curriculum goal AHq.

Course Learning Goals

1. To acquire a basic understanding of the goals of Linguistics and its different areas.

2. To analyze the structure of languages, how sound (or signing), words, larger units and meaning are    

3. To understand how languages are acquired, how they vary and how they are used in society.

4. To evaluate the status of Spanish in the Spanish-speaking world.


Required Texts

Most readings are available through Sakai and may change from semester to semester.


  • preparation and participation

  •  oral exercises (podcasts) (3)

  •  oral presentations: flash presentations (3, 5% each), group presentation (1, 10%

  •  blogs and homework

  •  in-class debates (2)

    *grade breakdown is subject to change