Registration for Portuguese - Spring 2015


Students of Spanish & Portuguese
(including Portuguese Majors & Minors)

Registration for Spring 2015 Portuguese courses
Experience a real-time communications portal between the Rutgers-Newark and the Rutgers-New Brunswick campuses. NB students may register for the Newark courses listed below, which are not listed in the NB online Schedule of Classes. Review the prerequisites and note the five-digit index numbers that must be entered into WEBREG when registering.

21:812:208:01- Introduction to Brazilian Literature (3 CR.)
TTH3 11:30 AM-12:50 PM
INDEX: 17648
Taught in Portuguese from Rutgers-Newark.
Instructor: Nascimento
Survey of Brazilian literature, with emphasis on reading and discussion of literary texts representative of significant literary movements and authors of Brazil. 
Prerequisites: 21:812:131-132 (RU-Newark) and 01:810:130 or 135 for (RU-New Brunswick) Intermediate Portuguese or demonstrable reading/writing knowledge of the language.

21:812:315:01 - Portuguese for Business and Commerce (3 CR.)
TTH5 2:50-4:10 PM in NB, 2:30-3:50 PM in Newark (adjusted start/end time TBA)
INDEX: 17753
Taught in Portuguese from Rutgers-Newark.
Instructor: Castilho
Intensive study of business and commercial Portuguese. Emphasis on practical business terminology and procedures used in business letters and documents, banking, trade, export and import, stock market, and modern-day global economic institutions. Familiarization with Portuguese business practices and cultural differences.
Prerequisites: Open to students who can demonstrate adequate reading/writing/conversational skills at the level of 21:812:132 (RU-Newark) or 01:810:130 or 135 (RU-New Brunswick) Intermediate Portuguese. Includes students from NJIT, graduate programs and NCAS.

For more information about registration, please contact your department on your respective campus: at RU-Newark, call 973-353-5498; at RU-New Brunswick, email Dr. Otero-Torres at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.