Administrative Assistant
12-mo. position
20 hrs. per week at $20 per hour

*Qualifications*: Experience and/or training as translator/interpreter.  Language pair can be flexible, although knowledge of Spanish is desirable. Also desirable: familiarity with the Rutgers translator/interpreter training program in Spanish.

*Description*: This half-time position will provide assistance to the coordinator of translator/interpreter training in the Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese. Responsibilities will include routine responses to inquiries about the department translation/interpreting programs, assistance in curriculum development and preparation of grant applications, help in
publicizing summer session and academic year training opportunities, help in setting up the spring internship and technical support for interpreting classes in collaboration with the Language Lab/World Languages Institute. Other possible assignments may include service as liaison to other language departments, and as liaison to the Rutgers
translation listserve and website.

Please send applications to:
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Rutgers University
105 George St.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1414
By *October 10th, 2008*