This annual recognition program celebrates staff who have distinguished themselves in service excellence, dedication, and hard work with the school and our faculty, staff, students, and constituents.  

Rosy Ruiz, department administrator, and Jennifer Flaherty, assistant director of finance and administration, exhibit an unparalleled level of dedication that significantly contributes to the seamless navigation of graduate programs for students on a daily basis. Their collective experience serving the Spanish and Portuguese department spans over a decade, with Jennifer boasting nearly two decades of invaluable service in this capacity. Their profound impact on the department is evident through their pivotal roles, showcasing a deep-seated dedication to higher education, diversity, equity, and inclusion across multiple facets. Their unwavering support goes far beyond their administrative roles. Their friendly and courteous demeanor towards guest lecturers, active participation in events, and comprehensive support throughout the entire process culminating in successful outcomes. A notable illustration of their instrumental role was the collaborative execution of the Spring 2023 Latin American Film Festival. This event, facilitated with the assistance of Rosy and Jennifer, attracted an impressive audience of more than 78 spectators. Their dedication, passion, and compassionate approach significantly elevate the quality of the educational journey.