Congratulations to our Víctor Fernández-Fragoso Award recipients Jane Teran and Nicolette Alexandra Brito-Cruz! 

The Fragoso Award honors the legacy of Víctor Fernández-Fragoso (1944- 1982), a Puerto Rican poet and playwright who played a major role in the promotion and inclusion of Latino minorities in New York City’s theater scene during the 1970s. Fragoso’s literary works explore the intersection of national and sexual identity and issues of discrimination and violence toward LGBTQ+ communities and women in the context of the Puerto Rican diaspora. Fragoso was an Associate Professor at Rutgers in Livingston College. His sudden death in 1982 left many of his works unpublished.

To honor Víctor Fragoso’s legacy, students are invited to submit a poem, a scene from a play, a short story, or an academic essay written in English or Spanish that highlights the struggles, milestones, and/or experiences of various identities within the Latino communities in their quest for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Anonymous submissions were reviewed by a panel and awarded a cash prize. 

Read Jane Teran’s poem “Soy la Gringa” here

Read Nicolette Alexandra Brito-Cruz’s poem “Heirlooms of Shame” here.