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Ben Kinsella
Graduate Student, Teaching Assistant
Degree: PhD in Bilingualism/SLA
Office: Academic Bldg. Rm. 5184
Phone: 848/932.9232
Email: Mailto:

Bio: Benjamin is a fifth year PhD candidate in the Bilingualism and SLA program. He received his BA in International Business and Spanish from the University of Kentucky, during which he spent a year abroad in Galicia, Spain studying at the Universidad de Vigo. Since then, Benjamin has been very interested in language policies in multilingual contexts and language revitalization efforts in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.

Research Interests: Benjamin’s line of inquiry explores language policy, language ideologies, and child language development among second-generation Latinos. His current research examines New Jersey educational policies and the role of sibling order in the maintenance of Spanish.


 Journal publications

  • Kinsella, B. (in press). “‘Neither here nor there’: An examination of language ideology and curriculum in a New Jersey public school.” Journal of Language, Culture, and Curriculum.
  • Kinsella, B. (2017). “A qualitative review of The World Languages and Rutgers Curriculum Survey: Report to the Language Requirement Task Force.” Submitted to Chancellor Richard Edwards and Dean Peter March.
  • Kinsella, B and Flores-Ferrán, N. (2016). “Review of the book, A sociolinguistics of diaspora: Latino practices, identities, and ideologies by Rosina Márquez Reiter and Luisa Martín Rojo (eds.).” Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 26 (2), 226-227.
  • Kinsella, B., Cioé Peña, M., Arpacik, D. (2016). “Introduction to special edition, Linguistic diversity, equity, and pedagogical innovation in higher education.” Bellaterra Journal of Teaching and Learning Language and Literature, 9 (2), 1-5.
  • Kinsella, B. (2016). “An interview with Dr. Ofelia García on the past, present and future of language policy.” Bellaterra Journal of Teaching and Learning Language and Literature, 9 (2), 115-119.

Works in progress

  • Kinsella, B. (in progress). “New turns in heritage language maintenance in the US: What Latino sibling pairs can tell us about linguistic continuity” (working title).
  • Kinsella, B. (in progress). “Breaching the divide: Latino parent involvement and effects of curricular support” (working title).
  • Kinsella, B. (in progress). “Family language policy: Case studies of five Mexican-origin families in Central New Jersey” (working title).

Conference presentations

  • 2017. Language use patterns, practices, and ideologies among second-generation Latino sibling pairs in a New Jersey community. Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. Texas Tech University. Lubbock, TX. October 27-29. With Crystal Marull.
  • 2016. (De)regulating language policies and practices among Mexican-origin families in New Jersey. Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. Georgetown University. Washington, D.C. October 7-9.
  • 2016. Family language policy: Case studies of five Mexican-origin families in Central New Jersey. International Linguistic Association 60th Annual Conference, Hofstra University. Hempstead, NY. March 11-13
  • 2015. Language development over time: Using corpora data to analyze L2 learners’ expression of the past. Second Language Research Forum. Georgia State University. Atlanta, Georgia. October 29-31. With Anne Lingwall.
  • 2015. Language maintenance and shift: a case study of L1 support at a New Jersey elementary school. International Linguistic Association 60th Annual Conference, Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. April 24-26. 

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