Ph.D. in Spanish Literature & Culture


Doctoral Program General Information

General Course work:

Doctoral candidates are required to complete a total of seventy-two (72) credits for the Ph. D, including twenty-four (24) credits of research. Students are required to take either 940:612 Seminar: Literary Theory or 195:501 Introduction to Literary Theory, as well as 940:501 Methodology of Teaching and Research (required of all new incoming fellowship and TA recipients). Doctoral students in Spanish are also required to take three credits in an area of their choice related to their field of study. Students in the PhD program are encouraged to take their PhD Comprehensive Examination in January or March of their 3rd year.  They are expected to have taken their PhD Comprehensive Examination by the end of their 3rd year.

Transfer of credits:

A maximum of twelve credits in graduate courses may be transferred from another institution after the completion of twelve Rutgers credits. These are determined by the Graduate Director, and final approval must be attained from the Graduate School.

Language  requirements:

PhD students must demonstrate the ability to conduct research in a language other than Spanish or English.  The language will be chosen in consultation with the Graduate Director.  This requirement must be completed before taking the PhD exam.  Normally, candidates can satisfy this requirement by 1) taking a written reading exam offered through the Graduate School at the language lab, 2) successfully completing an advanced course in the literature of that language, or 3) submitting a summary, translated to English or Spanish, of an academic work written in the target language. 

Courses outside the Department:

Normally, no more than six Rutgers credits taken outside the program may be counted towards the degree. 

Independent Study:

Students are permitted to register for only three credits of independent study toward the completion of each degree. The work of the student during the semester of independent study must not replicate any course offering of the graduate catalog. (Exceptions will be made for required courses that are not offered in a timely fashion.) The program for the independent study course must be approved by the Graduate Director and faculty member who will serve as the course instructor; planning and approval of this option must take place during pre-registration of the semester prior to the actual course work. The professor involved in teaching the course must agree to do so. Normally the person chosen as director would be the student's chosen dissertation director. The option for independent study is not open to students in the first semester of their program.

Comprehensive Examination and Dissertation Prospectus

Comprehensive Examination

Our PhD candidates must demonstrate a high level of competence in the field of Hispanism. The PhD comprehensive examination is designed both to further familiarize the students with literary traditions, canonical and non-canonical works, and the ample panorama of critical approaches pertinent to the specific area of their choosing, and to strengthen their skills in organizing a methodological corpus with its specific theoretical implications and maneuverings.

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Research Credits

Twenty-four (24) research credits are required in addition to course work. Students are encouraged to register for research credits up to one year prior to the semester in which they will be taking the qualifying examination. If a student has had a TA for a full year, it is possible to register during the summer for up to 6 graduate credits which will be covered by tuition remission. Students will receive a grade of either "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory" for these research credits, based upon their director's judgment concerning their progress toward the completion of the doctoral dissertation.

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