Undergraduate Course Synopses

940:203 Spanish Conversation and Composition (3)

940:203- Composition and Conversation
Prerequisite: Spanish 132, Placement Test, or permission from the Department


Course Learning Goals:
Students renrolled in this course will build upon their prior study of the Spanish language in the written and spoken modes of communication, they will further develop their comptency with respect to:

  1. Communicative abilities of spoken Spanish, and will demonstrate their understanding of central themes and relevant details in various contexts
  2. Speaking skills to converse with native speakers and and others for whom Spanish is a second language. Students will enhance their ability to speak on a wide range of themes, with increased grammatical accuracy, using varied verb tenses and moods.
  3. Writing communicative skills in both formal and informal contexts, with special emphasison precise, grammatically accurate description and narration in the past.
  4. Reading skills from a selection of original texts, from a variety of genres, that deal with contemporary themes from different cultural sources from the Spanish-speaking world. At the same time, students will critical abilities to discuss those texts in both the written and spoken modes of communication.

For further information on Learning Goals, please consult our Department website  at: http://span-port.rutgers.edu/learning-goals

Synopses are intended to give students a general overview of the courses. Instructors will provide students with additional course-specific information , including attendance/make-up policies, assignment/test scheduling  and instructor contact information in the syllabus to be distributed the first day of classes.  Textbooks are not required.

Class participation, attendance, and participation
2 Oral Quizzes
3 Written Quizzes
3 Compositions (in class)
2 Presentations
Supersite Homework
(Grade distribution may vary from semester to semester)