This is a course on continued development of reading and writing in Spanish, as well as an introduction to basic principles of translation and interpreting studies and practice in translation. The course revolves around the concepts of purpose, genre and register. Students will conduct detailed rhetorical and grammatical analysis and discussion of writing techniques and strategies using texts taken from various fields and genres. We will also analyze the cultural differences in genre conventions and how they affect the way texts are written or translated in English and Spanish. Students will have the opportunity to use this knowledge to write their own compositions and to translate either texts representative of the genres analyzed in class or to translate their own compositions.  

01:940:325, placement, or permission of department.


Learning Goals:
At the end of this class students should be able to:

  • Conduct detailed rhetorical and grammatical analysis and discussion of writing techniques and strategies.
  • Evaluate resources and texts critically.
  • Understand the concept of purpose, text genre and register.
  • Expand their knowledge of Hispanic cultures.
  • Understand complex grammatical structures.
  • Identify the different textual and cultural conventions of different text types, genres and registers contrastively in English and Spanish.
  • Compose texts that fulfill the conventions of either the source or the target culture.
  • Identify the main stages and stakeholders of the translation process.
  • Understand the techniques of textual analysis for translation.
  • Identify the main documentation sources and evaluate them.
  • Translate texts representative of the genres seen in class.

These objectives help fulfill the overall learning goals of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese: http://span-port.rutgers.edu/learning-goals


Method of Evaluation:
To this end, students will be graded in the following areas:

  • Class participation in form of discussion
  • Weekly formative tasks
  • Weekly translations
  • Weekly discussions on translations
  • One online exam


Required texts:
Bleicher, Guillermo y Canon, Paula. Taller de Escritores: Grammar and Composition for Advanced Spanish. Boston: Vista Higher Learning, 2016. 2nd edition. ISBN - 10: 1680040065 (Versión sin Supersite).

Carreres, Ángeles, María Noriega-Sánchez, and Carme Calduch. Mundos en palabras: learning advanced Spanish through translation. London. Routledge, 2018.

Other required texts will be available at no cost for students in reading archive in Canvas or Sakai. These may vary every time the course is taught.