Undergraduate Course Synopses

940:202 Culture and Composition for Heritage Speakers (3)

940:202 Cultura y Composicion for Native Speakers
Prerequisite: Placement Exam or Spanish 139. Courses 201 and 202 can be taken out of sequence.


Culture and Composition (in conjunction with Spanish 201, which begins the advanced intermediate learning sequence of the Spanish language), continues to develop proficiency in communication which was aquired in course 139: Spanish for Native Speakers I. In this course, students are able to develop their linguistic ability in association with their written and comprehensive skills.  Furthermore, emphasis is also placed on the subjects of Spanish culture, technology and communication. This course also prepares students for the gateway courses following the 201/202 sequence, which are 215/261/325.  Class discussions, workshops and activities will revolve around class lectures, movies and other materials that are used to demonstrate various aspects of interdisciplinary Hispanic cultures from past through present.