It is a departmental policy that the academic standing of all graduate students shall be reviewed at the end of each academic year. In order to be reappointed as a teaching assistant (TA), the department requires a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Student performance will be monitored and they will be notified annually regarding their status and progress toward degree. Any student who has a straight B average (3.0) or below will be reviewed by the Graduate Faculty and may proceed with course work only with formal approval. Graduate students are expected to make consistent progress toward degree completion.

Grades of Incomplete:

Except under extreme extenuating circumstances, incomplete grades should be cleared up within one semester. Any student who receives more than two incompletes during pursuit of the degree will be reviewed by the Graduate Faculty and may proceed only with formal approval.


All graduate students receive academic advising from the Graduate Director. Also, graduate students are required to meet with the Graduate Director during pre-registration for the following semester, in order to discuss course selection as well as progress toward degree. By their second year, students are encouraged to select a mentor.Students are encouraged to maintain contact with the Chair and Graduate Director, and each student has the primary responsibility for adhering to all degree and departmental requirements.

Academic Integrity:

Students are expected to abide by the University's rules of Academic Integrity, including making sure that all work submitted is their own and properly acknowledging and citing ideas, results and words of others. If a student is suspected of violating the Academic Integrity Policy, the department will follow the processes and regulations outlined in the University's Academic Integrity website. Students are encouraged to read the Academic Integrity tutorial available on that website.

Course Assessment

For the purposes of arriving at a final grade in graduate courses, students will be assigned a minimum of five grades that will be averaged according to a percentage formula deemed appropriate by the individual faculty member. Examples of such work are written and oral examinations (mid-term and final), quizzes, class presentations, final projects and papers, reviews and critiques of previously published material, group assignments and projects, as deemed appropriate by the individual professor. Tests and papers should be carefully corrected and the student provided with constructive criticism for overcoming any deficiencies.

Independent Study:

Students may register for the Independent Study only if the following requirements are fulfilled.

  1. The subject covered in the Independent Study is not covered by regularly scheduled courses. (Exceptions will be made for required courses that are not offered in a timely fashion).
  2. The course is planned with and approved by the Graduate Director during pre-registration of the semester prior to the actual coursework.
  3. The professor involved in teaching the course agrees to do so.
  4. The student has not taken any other independent study during course work in a degree program of study.
  5. The student is not in the first semester of his/her program. Exceptions to this policy may be required in the   Translation Option, subject to the approval of the Graduate Director.