Declare a Portuguese Major

All credits are required unless students:

  • Successfully completed an advanced placement test and are granted credit by the department. Note: You will not receive any credit towards the major for any course taken below your placement.
  • Received special permission for an exception from a departmental advisor. Students are responsible for consulting the catalog course listing for a description of pre-requisites and special conditions prior to registration of classes. Major programs must be reviewed and approved by a departmental advisor.

SAS students can declare a Portuguese major online. For more information on declaring a major or to download the declaration form, please click HERE.  Students from other units (SEBS, RBS-NB, etc.) should meet with their academic advisors regarding declaration of a Portuguese major.


Requirements for Majoring in Portuguese

  • The satisfaction of all the core-course requirements, either by placement into a higher course initially or by completing the course.
  • The satisfactory completion of an oral exam in Portuguese in the final year.
  • A total of 36 credits in Portuguese courses, or approved courses from other departments. 


    • 100 Level
      • 810:130- Intermediate Portuguese
      • 810:135- Portuguese for Speakers of Spanish
    •  200 Level
      • 810:201 - Portuguese for Native Speakers
      • 810:203 - Portuguese Conversation & Composition
    • 300 Level
      • 810:309 - Africa and Portugal:   An Introduction
      • 810:310 - Brazil: An Introduction
      • 810:325 - Advanced Grammar and Style
      • 810:326 - Advanced Composition
    • The completion of at least one 400-level course
    • Electives: Any 810 course at the 200-level or higher.

Click Portuguese Major for a worksheet to track your progress.