Spanish House at Corwin

The Spanish House provides students the opportunity to improve their language skills through daily immersion in speaking Spanish and exposure to Hispanic films, art, politics, music, and food. Specialized programming, events, and travel opportunities designed to deepen students' understanding of  Hispanic cultures and language are offered each year.


A native speaker teaches a class on Monday evenings and organizes other cultural and academic activities for house residents. Spanish is spoken   throughout the house, which enables students to improve their speaking ability significantly. 

This living community, located on Douglass campus, is open to female students who have completed Intermediate Spanish (940:131) or above.  Residents   receive 1.5 credits per semester towards their Spanish Major for their participation in the Casa Hispánica and the Monday evening class (090:237, 090:238).

For more information and an application, please contact:  Elizabeth Gunn, Acting Director of Global Village, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..