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GUIDELINE for FALL 2020 Registration

Dear Students,

Hope you are all doing well in the midst of these uncertain times. First, and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your collaboration and your positive attitude in moving forward during this semester. Please keep on sending in your messages and inquiries.

Fall semester is about to open. I will continue doing advising via e-mail, helping you with your questions and concerns. Many of you will need “spn’s” or overrides to register. Please shoot me an e-mail. We do not distribute spn’s via e-mail.  I will be sending the requests to the Registrars on your behalf. In order to expedite the process, it is important to include your RU ID in all your messages so I can access your DN record. Please note that you will need to have the prereqs in order to register for a class. For all requests for spn’s or overrides, I will need the following information EXACTLY as requested below. Please copy, paste it, and then enter the information in your e-mails to avoid delays:

  • NAME:
  • RUID:
  • Index for course:
  • E-mail:

No question is too small or insignificant. I am here to provide you with accurate information. Please do not rely on your friends for academic advice. I have access to your records, they do not. Every student profile is different. I will answer your messages in a detailed manner, even if I am not in my office. If you need to meet virtually after receiving a reply via e-mail, we can schedule a meeting. I will send in a link to meet with you at a time that is mutually convenient. You do not have to navigate this difficult time on your own. I am here to help you!

Once again, on behalf of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, I thank you. We’re here to support you! We are proud of you!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Dámaris M. Otero-Torres


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 Academic Integrity Policy 2020


The department's academic advisor should be your first contact when considering a major, minor or graduate degree in Spanish or Portuguese. During your years at Rutgers University you should consider consulting with your advisor to plan your academic program and periodically review the program as you advance.

Students with any questions and/or concerns are encouraged to meet with the department's advisor during their office hours. No prior appointment is necessary. 

Students who are unable to attend office hours, you may email the advisor to make other arrangements (please include your RUID in your message).   


Undergraduate Director Dr. Dámaris Otero-Torres

Undergraduate Director
Dr. Dámaris Otero-Torres
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